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Strategy Development
Development of a strategic plan focusing on future outcomes sought, both short and long term, to guide the organisations management into the future
Management, Organisational and Service Reviews
Review and/or analysis of an organisation's management structure to determine efficiency and /or effectiveness Review of a service (or set of processes) to determine efficiency and /or effectiveness, often comparing performance against other companies and / or industries
Feasibility Studies
Study to determine the financial viability of producing/delivering a particular product/service in a particular market
Market Testing
Approaching the market to determine best value for money delivery for a good/product/service Includes development of request for proposal (or similar), evaluation of responses and negotiations with respondents if applicable
Business Planning
The development of a business plan to guide the creation of a new product or service in a particular market but with the aim to assist the developer in its implementation and financing of the new venture
Development of indicators to evaluate performance of one organisation / process against another organisation / process
Market Analysis
Review of a product or service provided by one or many organisations to determine market size, capabilities or maturity Research and analysis into a product/service or market to understand size, maturity or opportunities
Service Level Agreement
Agreement between two parties including the requirements of one party, the service delivery methods of the other party to achieve those requirements and a cost of service provision Essential inclusion are Key Performance Indicators to measure the performance of the service provider
Project/Program Evaluations
Evaluation of a specific project or programme after its implementation in order to determine its success or failure in meeting its original objectives
Key Performance Indicators
Measure of performance for core activities or processes Includes specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound elements